What is Digprom?

Digprom is an online content promotion company bringing promotional services to all, irrespective of pocket size.


What can i promote on Digprom?

You can promote virtually anything, ranging from music ,press releases , brand e.t.c.


How Does DigProm Work?

You submit your contents in forms of texts, graphics, videos or music with the intents of promotion. We publish your contents on our partner blogs based on your target audience.


How do I submit my content?

You can submit content through our contents submission page which can be found on our homepage. The users friendly interface simplifies the processes of  contents submission and tracking.


Do I give up any rights to my content?

No. We do not claim rights to any of your contents. You own all contents right.


How do I Earn as a Site Owner or blogger?

You earn on Digprom per completed task.


When and how do I get paid as a site owner or blogger?

We pay first Monday of every month provided you have rendered service for a month.


Will I get to see how my contents are been promoted?

You get to track your promotion on our platform by using the Tracking ID issued after submission of content.


Do I have to live in or around our location?

No, you don't have to live within in order to benefit from DigProm services. In fact, you can live anywhere in the world and still use our music promotion network, because we are able to promote your content to international audience depending on your specification.


Do you offer volume discounts?

Definitely. Digprom normally charges based on PLANS chosen. However, if you have  large contents, then you can send us a mail with how many you would like to assign, and we will quote you a special price.


How long will my content be promoted ?

Contents will be promoted based on the duration specified on the chosen package. You may wish to refer to our pricing page for further clarification on this.


How many platforms can i get my contents on?

You get your contents on as many websites and blogs as possible depending on your chosen plan. You can refer to the pricing page to check out  the number of platforms designated for each plan.


Can I cancel the service?

Yes, but we have a non-refund policy towards cancellation of service.


Do you have questions that are unanswered HERE, kindly contact us via [email protected] or through our helpline +234 907-8801-483