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Digprom is an online brand promotion service that promotes your brand and contents to your target audience through reputable blogs and websites. We market you to the robust online users that visits our partner blogs.

How It works

Promote your brand, products, contents & more to your TARGET AUDIENCE through top notch blogs across Nigeria.Choose Between Banner Ads or Sponsored Posts .

With a network of 500 ACTIVE BLOGS & WEBSITES in Nigeria, we strive to push your brand to the right audience that best appreciate your Products or Services.

At Digprom, taking your brand to the global community through creation of online promotional contents that best represent you is our MISSION. We do all these at the cheapest prices. Your Ads would be posted on platforms that features topics that are closely related to your brand.



Sponsored Post

Get press release, news and big announcements about your brand across to your target audience.

Banner Ads

Display ads that are most relevant to your brand on varieties of platforms.

Music Promotion

Promote your music on popular blogs and reach audience that most appreciate your song.

Video Promotion

Promote your music on popular blogs and reach audience that most appreciate your song.

Sales Ads

Get your sales ads on blogs where your potential customers are nesting

Online Reputation Building

Build a vibrant online reputation for your brand by getting blogs talking about your products and services

Get your video on blogs

Get your ads on blogs

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Banner Ads

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